1. caley

    From off-camera: “Somebody get that mirror away from Miss Shields, we’ve been telling her she still looks attractive!”

  2. I don’t remember who it was (Dice Clay?,) but someone made a joke that “Brooke Shields” sounds like it should be the name of a maxi pad.

    She looks like she just realized she forgot hers.

  3. I totally still would.

  4. “Wire hangers?!? What have I always said about wire hangers?!?”

  5. It would appear that John Hamm’s penis just entered the room…

  6. She’s doing that trick where you put a Milk Bone on her nose and make her wait for your command to eat it.

  7. It never fails- the face she’s making is always the face I’m making while looking at the face she’s making.

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    She just caught a glimpse of Agassi’s & Graf’s stolen sex tape.

  9. Natty Ice

    “Oh that’s nice. Tom Cruise is dating again.” *tries not to laugh*

  10. “Brooke, I tried to tell you, beans will do that to a person…”

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