1. Sheppy

    C’mon, be fair… it’s the dog straining on the leash.

  2. It’s a sing of evolution, showbusiness people, some not all of them, have evolved so that if a camera is pointing at them they will suck in their gut, flex muscles, in the case of males, arch their backs and tighten their butts, in the case of women and homosexuals, and in very rare cases for the males, their penis engorges.

  3. He must’ve smelled Mystique nearby. He’s ready to attack.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Let’s go through the Try Not To Look Gay check list:
    Muscle shirt? Check.
    Short shorts? Check.
    Colorful shoes? Check.
    Tiny dog? Check.
    Phallic shaped bread? Check.
    Giant mustache? Che-Goddamnit! I always forget something!”

  5. EricLR

    That poor dog is just hoping that they walk over a bridge.

  6. johnny p!

    ‘Teal’ sneakers, small dog, and a baguette.
    It doesn’t get any straighter.

  7. You wouldn’t think a dog that small could lay a piece of Trans Atlantic cable like that… I’m glad I didn’t have to S&S that turd….

  8. “Okay, Peaches, I’ve got my loaf. Now let’s take care of yours.”

  9. oh please, he doesn’t eat bread…

  10. Vlad

    I want to find a dog that shits bread!

  11. jackman can thank that puppy for all the attention that bicep is getting.

  12. Where is his bag to clean up the dog shi- DON’T EAT THAT BREAD!!

  13. Gay or not, he’s in my spank bank.

  14. Seriously though, how heavy IS that bread?

  15. In his later years, Wolverine would repeatedly claim that marriage hadn’t changed him, but his daily walks to the market for his wife Mystique’s grande latte, claimed other wise.

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