1. Get a chest wax? Good one, Steve Carell, good one.

  2. EricLR

    Oh shit, I think the Muslim Steve Carrell is about to kill him!

  3. Giggetty-Giggetty!

    • 0uroboros

      Totally. This, more than any photo before it, convinces me Bill Clinton was the model for Glenn Quagmire.

  4. …both men were shocked by the unexpectedly racist tirade from the former President.

  5. tlmck

    Judging by the men behind him, Bill just let one rip.

  6. And that, my friends, was a Presidential SBD.

  7. Mike1

    Frank Sinatra, Steve Carell, and Bill Clinton walk into a bar….

  8. Vlad

    Steve Carell Stops Jimmy Carter From Kicking Bill Clinton’s Ass

  9. “Mr Clinton, That fart was fowl!”
    “That’s because you are on the wrong end of it brother…Yee Haw!”

  10. “Did you just pat me on the ass? Now, I don’t blame you if you did, but I gotta tell you you’re barking up the wrong tree…”

  11. Banastre Tarleton

    ” I could go for some strange , Yeah !!!”

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