1. Schadenfreude

    As if!

  2. What a lovely bird feeder.

  3. Hugh Evers

    Now I remember what makes her so hot… Pictures from 1995.

  4. caley

    “Oh God, if I don’t find a kid to throw up in the next few minutes…”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    If she doesn’t find her child soon, she’s gonna have to feed him out of a different hole.
    . . .
    . .
    Poop. I’m talking about poop.

  6. BeckyStyle

    I thought this was Molly Shannon! “I’m 50!”

  7. EricLR


  8. Batu Khan

    Rule #1: Never look up current pictures of women you once thought were hot.

  9. I think there’s another bird in that belly.

  10. johnny p!

    It takes a while for the belly to stop storing pre-digested food after the regurgitation-feeding process ends.
    Give her time…

  11. everyone is pregnant!

  12. She should consider eating like a bird.

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