1. Sheppy

    “I will destroy you.”

  2. Imagine how scared you would be if this climbed out of the water onto YOUR surfboard.

  3. Slow and passive.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Don’t do it, Vin.

  5. Pictured is Vin Diesel in one of his daily Loli hunts

  6. Cannot unsee Jake from Adventure Time.

  7. I’m waiting for Chris Hansen to appear from underwater..

  8. I’d take my chances and swim to shore if I were you. She looks like she has cooties.

  9. EricLR

    Mommy! Riddick is on my board again!!

  10. Beer Baron

    I live my life a Quarterboard at a time.

  11. Vin has been spending his vacation spearfishing Asians.

  12. “You keep what you kill.”

  13. When is he going to finally team up with Michael Bay?

  14. “You can paddle as much as you want, sweetie. You’re not getting away from me this time.”

  15. The “Amber Alert” practically writes itself…

  16. Paddle fast or he gets furious.

  17. Vlad

    And that’s the Happy Panda Dance, bitch!

  18. “Why am I paddling?

    “Because these are new trunks and I don’t want to get them wet!

  19. Hodor

    This is an odd version of “Life of Pi”

  20. …he’s getting that “retired boxer” body.

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