1. Nonnie Moose

    I blame Madonna.

  2. Oooohhh! Provocative! We’ve never seen anybody do this before.

  3. Outdated camera. Updated breasteses.

  4. When did she get those?

  5. Black and white, her home turf.

  6. bob

    doesnt she have an ugly tattoo under her boobs?

  7. anonymous

    Was wondering when she’d start pulling her titties out on instagram or twitter. It’s been a while.

  8. This picture has to be a couple of years old since it doesn’t have any of her cheap tattoos.

    It’s kind of sad that at 25 years old, she’s fixated on how good she USED to look.

  9. when will this talentless skank go away?

  10. Johnny P!

    If you want to see tits, type ‘tits’ in your browser.
    If you want to see ‘Artistic Shots of Tits’, type that in your browser.
    Why these singers think they’re in any way ‘cutting edge’ or ‘risque’ is laughable in the digital age.
    If you want to listen to good music, don’t type ‘Rihanna’ in your browser.

  11. She looks pretty hot when you can’t see her nasty-ass tattoos.

  12. How come my instagram doesn’t have the Skank in a Smelting Pit filter?

  13. I can hear my penis snoring.

  14. She looks soooo naughty. I’ll bet she doesn’t even brush her teeth after she says “fuck!”

  15. I’d eat that out in a heartbeat.

  16. Goddamn it, it’s still alive.

  17. hood rat. Everything she touches becomes *that* much cheaper.

  18. Jumbalee

    Ho be hoin’.

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