1. I’ve never seen a condom wear a hole on the front pocket of a shirt before.

  2. Finally decided to come out? Good for him.

  3. Looks like someone’s breath smells like wet ‘dog’.

  4. Keenan Ivory Wayans is looking very shiny these days.

  5. Marketing Mike

    So, his last name really is pronounced DICK

  6. Swearin

    “Dude, Only Wanna Be With You was my jam! And you do country music now?”

    “I’m not Darius Rucker, you drunken idiot.”

  7. Wanna smell Kardashian pussy?

  8. “I heard your TV family likes to blow black men!”
    *Wooosh* “Consider yourself blown!”

  9. donkeylicks

    “Look, I need to convince people that I’m not racist or homophobic… Its like two birds with one stone.”

  10. Looks like Forest Whitaker’s right eye caught up with his left. That’s a shame.

  11. “OK, let’s try it one more, but this time, more tongue.”

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