1. There that fucker is again! Oh, wait, sorry.

  2. I wonder how long it will take till someone makes a “Mareficent” joke… wait. Damn it.

    • I initially thought you meant because the thinner she gets, the more her teeth make her look like a horse, but then I realised it was just good, old-fashioned racism, and suddenly the world made sense again.

  3. “Adopt me! Adopt me! Adopt me! Adopt me!”

  4. JimBB

    An asian girl will wake up tonight, look in the bathroom mirror, and wonder why she’s getting wrinkles.

    • Marketing Mike

      At that exact same moment…
      Angelina will carefully hang a framed copy of that picture
      on the wall in her basement, next to the others…

  5. The sun must really be bright there.

  6. You just know that Asian dude is somewhere in that crowd.

  7. Someone remind me to open a dental practice in Japan.

    • Cap'n Obvious

      You’ll go bankrupt.

      I used to work there. The combination of no fluoride in the water, an unbalanced diet favoring fish, a lot of smoking, and not much emphasis on orthodonture results in a pretty scary collection of Chiclets.

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