1. Dirk Diggler


  2. Smelly-N- Out O Breathe

  3. They make me want to shoop my pants.

  4. cajunhawk


  5. No. Let’s not talk about sex.

  6. Eric

    No grandma I don’t want to hear you sing “Let’s talk about sex”.

  7. Girls what’s my weakness? Osteoporosis!

  8. Who’s the guy on stage with the “bitch better have my money” look on his face?

  9. Cap'n Obvious

    Push it…push it real good. The dessert cart that is…right the fuck over to our table goddammit!

  10. Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd.

  11. There’s always just a little too much Pepa.

  12. Biscuits-N-Gravy

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