1. As it turned out , the “most people bowling simultaneously across multiple venues event” set a record for “most people not giving a fuck about a Guinness Book of World Records attempt.”

  2. “I just got it out of Khloe’s vagina.”

  3. anonymous

    That long history of supid-crazy and he decides he wants it. Should take a page from his brother Mark and find someone low-key and sane.

  4. Walking off that Tetanus. Vaccines are evil. I like my face this way.

  5. Wow…I can’t believe my exact same comment will work for two photos in a row! “That’s a wrap. we can always just crop out the vibrator before we release the photo.”

  6. JimBB

    Wouldn’t it be easier to go for “Longest time without being offered a role”?

  7. Jenny’s going for “bringing back the most long dead diseases”, but she’ll settle for “indirectly killed the most kids” record.

  8. You didn’t need these two to convince me that bowling is incredibly lame.

  9. RimShot

    Huh. She’s setting a record for most people bowling, whereas the US is setting the record for most measles cases since 1994.

  10. CK

    I can think of a much more interesting world record looking at that photo.

  11. Marketing Mike

    He’s smiling because he thinks that Sinatra style hat
    is fooling everybody into thinking he still has hair.
    Hint: It didn’t work for Sinatra either

  12. Flatliner

    Donnie is thinking wow, she’s agree to a threesome. Little did he know that the third participant is in this pic as well.

  13. ” If this thing vibrates,I’m taking it home!”

  14. I don’t really blame him. She is incredibly nice looking. Besides, I learned a long time ago, with my first wife, how to say, “Shut the fuck up and go away.”

  15. She is realizing, just a tad too late, that the event was for simultaneous BOWLING, damn dyslexia.
    Donny, however, knew all along…

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