1. brick

    I always did like Axl better without the facial hair.

  2. alex

    Damn it. Just damn it.

  3. JimBB

    Bet she would still be a pita to deal with on set.

  4. If the first thing I think when I see your photo is ‘smoker’, you might want to take care of that shit.

  5. kravdan

    It’s the Asylum’s version of Frozen starring Princess Botox…

  6. Dee Snider again?

  7. Does anyone still have that soft focus lens from “Moonlighting”? We need it NOW!

    (seriously, anyone remember that?)

  8. We Agree

    She and Tanning Mom must go to the same dentist.

  9. is she broke now? where the fuck did her hair go?

  10. donkeylicks

    After much public criticism, Alicia Silverstone has given up the practice of throwing up into children. This is the result of three days five hours and twenty-two minutes of not “feeding”.

  11. Cap'n Obvious

    Wow. Do. Not. Want.

  12. dreamcrusher

    Meat Loaf is on tour again ?

  13. Wait just a damned minute. That’s actually Chuck Connors from The Rifleman.”

  14. Time, you rotten motherfucker.

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