1. Wait ’till he sees her shirt looks like it’s referencing a gay Asian man.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    There’s obviously a store in LA where you can purchase famewhores willing to debase themselves for any man of a certain amount of wealth.

  3. The string of stars tattoo above her pussy means she has AIDS.

  4. JimBB

    I honestly don’t know who to feel more sorry for in this picture.

  5. Cock Dr

    Prescription drugs & lots of money enable almost anyone to live happily ever after.

  6. “See? I cant be racist. I’m fucking a black girl!”

  7. I’m assuming the last letter on her shirt is an “R”

  8. anonymous


    When he gets drunk, starts ranting something racist and she records with her iPhone.

  9. So he has a token black girl young enough to be his grand daughter on his arm = not a racist. Sure. Whatever.

    But what I want to know is – did that man just walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and ask for the Mickey Rourke or what?

  10. #billionairewithalzheimers

  11. Spleen

    They look perfect for each other. Just perfect.

  12. The Dude

    Where is Marco from Tropoj√ę when you need him.

  13. He’s going to prove he’s not racist if he has to fuck every black transsexual prostitute in Beverly Hills.

  14. What a conundrum…If the NBA is successful, he won’t be able to attend the games, but if he is successful, she won’t be able to attend the games.

  15. Did he go to the nearest hood strip club and pickup this gem of a woman?

  16. A voiceover at the start of the episode announced, “The role of Donald Sterling will now be played by Mickey Rourke.”

  17. Flatliner

    Mickey Rourke should have gotten into real estate instead of boxing.

  18. Ron Burgundy

    I thought it was Gary Shandling.

  19. Someone has a plantation fetish.

  20. He definitely has a type.

  21. Minky Wail

    This should end well.

  22. Cap'n Obvious

    Holy shit. Someone call the NTSB to investigate this train wreck.

  23. Not seen in this picture: the black man who was a horrible failure as a father figure.

  24. Just wait until this asshole returns to lucidity and realizes he’s been hanging out with a black woman.

  25. Looks liek Mickey Roorke

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