1. Is that a *target*!?

  2. Ofc. Murphy

    Asset Management?

    oh I get it

  3. JimBB

    Only by supporting “Bike Across America” can you help these poor British kids with their deformed flat asses

  4. If I get a bullseye it’s game over man.

  5. She biked across America in a week? Is she Ghost Rider?

  6. John Oliver

    ooooooh pippa

  7. Flatliner

    Most cyclists just have to worry about getting a flat tire.

  8. Ron Burgundy

    I do Not want to be friends with that hiney!

  9. That thing is flat enough for George Bush to declare mission accomplished on it.

  10. Cap'n Obvious

    What a hero…or is it heroine? Wait, I know…the correct term is privileged elitist twat trying to look philanthropic while on vacation…from, well, her vacation of a life.

    Yeah, I think that’s it.

  11. wait why was she there? as a cyclist i genuinely want to know

  12. Gen

    Legitimately thought it was a dude.

  13. Yikes, I was positive that was Jared Leto…

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