1. There is no one sexier.

  2. Suck the chrome of a ball hitch.

  3. Ofc. Murphy

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

  4. Phoenix

    Ha! Those wax lips always crack me up.

  5. Might solve a mystery … or rewrite history … ♪

  6. Zohan

    Juicy doesn’t even describe this!

  7. She’s cute and all…but any more collagen pumped into those lips and her face will turn inside out. What the fuck is wrong with hollywood chicks and their “if a little is good, a whole fuckton must be better”? approach to everything?

    • I’m not sure it’s collagen with her and not just plumping lipstick drawn over the natural lip line, but the point stands. Whatever it is, it’s not necessary.

  8. the fucker

    Lmao she looks like someone photoshopped an adult sized face onto a babys head

  9. My what big lips you have.
    “All the better to blow you with.”

  10. anonym

    does emily ever smile?

  11. JungleRed

    She looks like a lemur. But a sexy one…

  12. You sure turned on Ratajkowski awfully fast…even for the Internet.

    You’re next, J-Law.

  13. Eh, she doesn’t do it for me. I’ll stick with Naomi Watts.

  14. Short Round

    Doey eyes, pouty lips and luscious tits. She looks like a Disney character if they were making a porno… wait!

  15. cc

    They mystery of the exploding penises is solved.

  16. Jaime

    I’m not sure why I kicked her out, but I’m having second thoughts about it.

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