1. shonzie

    oh Jack Nicholson went blonde?

  2. pdan

    It’s like if Red Skull were pasty and female.

  3. TomFrank

    “Increase blood flow to the chin! By all possible means!” came the order from Reese’s brainstem.

  4. SIN

    Holding in a fart.

  5. Admiral Hackbar

    Where do they get these wonderful chins?

  6. Cock Dr

    “And the award for “Biggest Forehead Vein” goes to….Reece Witherspoon!”

  7. Jack

    Doing her best Jack Nicholson impression. With extra chin.

  8. duh

    “Heeeeeeere’s Reesy!”

  9. Instahater

    So, if someone pours water on her she will replicate? oh dear god….

  10. AleisterCrowley

    That’s the face of dire constipation.

  11. userofalltrades

    Isn’t it a felony to threaten another person with a sharp object?

  12. Deepest blue…my chin is like a shark fin….

  13. cc

    A miserable attempt at being as frightening as January Jones.

  14. Laluni

    Reese Witherspoon doesn’t bite her nails. She chisels them with her chin.

  15. edie

    Is she aggressively brandishing her own wedding ring?

  16. Jovy

    The chin looks a little less intimidating, you sure this is her?

  17. I got nothin’. I’d hit it.

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