1. Note to self: Buy Japanese midget porn.

  2. capn o

    This pic raises an interesting question – do you stand next to him normally to take the picture…towering over him…or do you bend down, potentially insulting him?

    Either way, rock on PD.

  3. saidthegirl

    “I got picturl with riddle man!”

  4. “You DO realize I’m a @#$%’ing adult, right?!? Just snap the photo!”

  5. “Mr. Dinklage…could you get in this cup, please?”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    The crazy part is that the Asian girl is 3’8″.

  7. She always wanted a picture with her favorite Pokemon.

  8. JimBB

    “Mommy, can I keep him?”

  9. buzzkill

    I think they just captured the moment when Peter realized that an Asian woman had to bend at the knees to meet him at eye level–he’s really that short.

  10. Damn The Red Viper, his easily-dislodgable teeth and his eggshell thin skull. My daddy and sister get to kill me now…

  11. “Call me an elf one more time.”

  12. I was in Toronto this weekend, how did I miss him?

  13. Cute Asian chick. Nothing’s better.

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