1. Thought bubble over Pope Francis’ head: Jesus fucking Christ, what are the babbling about now?

  2. “Fuck me, these people still think Jesus lives in fucking Cloud City. HE’S AN INTANGIBLE IDEA THAT LIVES IN THE GOODNESS OF YOUR HEART, YOU FUCKING MORONS! WHY ARE YOU REACHING FOR THE SKY, FUCKING- Oh god, I said all of that out loud. Yup, they’re forming lynch mobs now. We’re done.”

  3. Look at this guy. Can’t get the choreography right and won’t even smile. I bet he isn’t going to put ice on his nipples when the director tells him either.

  4. “I a-hate it when-a they try-a to do-a the wave!”

  5. “He’s got an ass like a ten-year old boy.”

  6. JimBB

    Yes, papa is happy your team scored a goal.

  7. Look at him…even the Pope knows it’s all bullshit.

  8. James Brown played the part better in the movie of Blues Brothers. The Pope just doesn’t seem as into it with the stage version.

  9. Vlad

    Look at these idiots! Waving their hands around like Hari Krishna’s. God, why couldn’t I have had a term like John Paul the First? You hear me, God? God? Well, shit!

  10. donkeylicks


  11. It looks like he’s having a Movement of the Holy Bowels

  12. “…dawning of the age of Acquarius, age of Acquariuuuus…!”
    “Fucking Carmine drove me to the wrong damn party again.”

  13. “Sigh, they promised me young boys”

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