1. “God, being a rich teenager is hard, you guys. It’s just, you know, really hard. I mean, if you walked a mile in my Indian shoes, you’d know how super hard it is.”

  2. Isn’t she the one always bitching about attention and paparazzi and all that shit?

  3. Barbra

    Look at me, my sister is a model but I’m not less then her, see.. all the women in our family make money showing ass/boobs, sometimes you can find videos of us on youtube having sex with our boyfriends… the important thing is that you do not forget that I am a beauty as well my model sister Kendall

  4. buzz

    Is this the one dating the “White Batman”?

  5. capn o

    Quiet! Quiet on the set! Whore training is now in progress!

  6. “I so want to be a bad girl and have everyone see me on the internet and make rude comments about me, but… but… it’s just so hard to do when you’re not good looking at all!”

  7. Swearin

    Chris Hansen is hiding in the room behind that glass

  8. Nobody giving a fuck about you… a fate worse than death for a Kardashian.

  9. she knows that celebrity sextapes are baseline anal now right? She knows, right??

  10. You need a lot more ass to carry on the Kardashian name. Get the implants ready.

  11. Do these girls think they’re they only attractive ones in the U. S.? In the world? WTF? What’s going on with them to think we care?

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