1. Kojak

    It’s more like a full moon…

  2. She often likes to stare at her antithesis…

  3. Considering the people she usually surrounds herself with, this is probably the deepest conversation she’ll ever have.

  4. Seriously, that ass is just comically fake.

  5. Flatliner

    Her hair style resembles her ass. Maybe she finally realizes that she is a shithead.

  6. Eric

    She reminds me of one of those drinking bird toys with the skinny little legs and the bulbous bottom.

  7. ‘…excuse me Miss, can you tell me where the shoe department is? Miss, i’m talking to you. Miss! MISS! How dare you ignore me! I want to speak to your manager right now!’

  8. anonymous

    C’mon when does it become apparent to medical professionals that those are a couple tumors than need to removed?

  9. Cock Dr

    No, it won’t fit you off the rack like that. It will need to be altered. Several yards of fabric will be necessary, along with a seamstress of unshakable fortitude and determination.
    Fortunately Kanye is willing to pay for all that.

  10. karen

    I see she’s wearing something from the Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot collection.

  11. capn o

    Jesus, what the fuck is that thing? Is that what happens when you are continually full of shit?

  12. If she were to wear that dress, it would only come down to her knees.

  13. “You’re a really good listener. Let’s be friends.”

  14. Pickle Nose

    She’s on her honeymoon. She’s supposed to be spending it with her new husband and creating lifetime memories. Instead, she’s alone at a shopping mall. What a horrible existence. I guess honeymoon’s lose their luster when you’re on your third one.

  15. I see looking at a body of reasonable proportions has left her agape in shock.

  16. I knew it, she’s a mouth breather. And there is absolutely no way in hell that ass is real.

  17. “Does this come in extra-fatass?”

  18. meeps!

    So Kanye only paid for liposuction on the right cheek…?

  19. That ass looks like a giant bag of shit. Also the rest of her looks like a giant bag of shit.

  20. I can’t stop looking at this picture… That is not what a human body is supposed to look like.

  21. cc

    I’ve never seen a human being with proportions like this before. It’s actually bizarre. And very, very unattractive.

  22. She has to lug that ass around everywhere she goes — IT CANNOT BE PLEASANT TO SIT ON THAT THING.

  23. This is what it would look like if a Rob Leifeld drawing ever came to life.

  24. The moose is loose!

  25. martian leader

    ‘i wanna be big. oh wait…’

  26. B. A. Donkadonk


  27. She just looks gross.

  28. Hahahahahaha.

  29. No mam that doesn’t come in your ass size.

  30. “Mom, I just want you to know that I’ve been masturbating for years and it hasn’t effected my eyes at all.”

  31. brycet

    Disgusting pig

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