1. Ralph

    Instagram…for those who crave attention and no one else will publish your picture….

  2. Here we see the hairless Yeti, also known as Bigbutt.

    Thanks folks, I’ll be here all week.

  3. Flatliner

    I hope this pic was taken after she went on a three hour tour and the batteries will die soon.

  4. Alice

    Well someone told her she has the best ass ever if she keeps postings this disgutings pics of he from behind craving for attention…
    maybe a blind man who was a bull in another life and likes cows butts.

  5. anonymous

    Big problem with these beached whales is they stink after a while and have to be removed in pieces.

  6. Scientists were surprised to find that the rising sea levels were somehow, suddenly, reversed.

  7. Jim Cantore

    Until that point the tide had been coming in.

  8. Of course she posted a picture of her ass. I’d be more shocked if she posted a picture of her doing her taxes or something non-gigantic ass related.

  9. I heard that those things can expose after they wash up on the beach.

  10. There comes a point where you just have to question why she bothers with clothes. My chihuahua’s dog collar is thicker than that.

  11. Big, greasy lardass is all.

  12. Mas Guapo

    We get it, you have a ginormous ass. Congrats.

  13. Oh my god…she doesn’t know.

  14. Fuck yes. She is perfect. This is how you do a big ass, Kim.

    • My lesbo roommate got to see Coco’s ass up close and personal in that she got into a dressing room with her. I didn’t speak to the bitch for a week as she neglected to alert early enough and I missed Coco by a hair. Long live Coco!

  15. What the fuck is up with black guys and fat lard-ass white women? This woman is freakishly disgusting. I’d get into a greased sleeping bag with Dennis Rader before I’d fuck this. Christ black dudes, have some fucking respect for yourselves.

    • LOL! I love the BTK reference.But hey, different strokes for different folks.

      • But I’m not trying to be rude, I’m seriously concerned for my black brothers. Is this like some after effects from MK Ultra? Because seriously, this is like looking at a hippo in a zoo and thinking, “yeah I’d push that little fat tail aside and hit that.” Gross.

        Fucking vile, puke gross nasty ewwwwww!

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