1. Man, way to one-up Kim. If that dude shoots Khloe and then pees on her, I’m adding it to my collection.

  2. So close to becoming a national hero dude. Just pull the trigger, don’t be afraid.

    This dumb ugly fat bitch really thinks she is cool and hot, doesn’t she?

  3. French Montana? Like, Tony Montana? That should be the real outrage.

  4. According to gun-grabbers, this pic is proof that black guys aren’t all that big.

    Also showbiz is a vast backwater of stupid.

  5. Just one squeeze on that trigger please, then put one in Justin Beibers ass.

  6. anonymous

    Where are they seated? Are they rolling in a box truck? LOL It looks like a room but the seat has a headrest and seatbelt.

    I guarantee you one arrest and Khloe will no longer be down for thuggin’.

  7. Cock Dr

    Evidence of quality & class indeed.

  8. Is Khloe sucking on a Methuselah or a Balthazar?

  9. There is no way ‘French Montana’ isn’t a sex act.

    ‘Oh yeah, I totally Dutch Ovened that bitch when she refused to give me a French Montana. She was so pissed off, she gave me a Cleveland Steamer while I slept and posted the photos to her Instagram.’

  10. George P Burdell

    This guy is the worst kidnapper EVAH!

  11. Swearin

    To be fair, who amongst us hasn’t imagined hunting down Sasquatch?

  12. “automatic firearm” hahaha

  13. Robb7

    Shoot the bitch, then shoot yourself.

  14. Dick Nose

    For once I am glad someone isn’t practicing gun safety ( Crosses Fingers)

  15. Jade

    Damn they both look so impressively hard-core.

  16. Mas Guapo

    You know that rule about never pointing a firearm at someone? Yeah, that’s not written in stone.

  17. All I can say is this…squeeze, don’t jerk the trigger

  18. To quote Jurassic park, “SHOOT HER! SHOOT HER!!!!”

  19. Is it Sasquatch season already?

  20. Maybe this time she’s found a guy who didn’t get a quickie vasectomy when he saw her coming, like the previous one.

  21. KimKlone

    “First you date the sports star, then you date the rapper, but you’ll never get the respect.” – Froggy Montana

  22. Sloppy Redneck

    As a born again redneck .. I say hang em both and then hang em again .

  23. Obviously that dude thinks that’s a guitar in his lap. “Hey, boy, play us a little ditty.”

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