1. Beeswax

    Welp, that is one disappointing ass, even for your average 20 something yr old woman. At least she still has decent tits… I think.

  2. kimmykimkim

    She’s wearing a weapon on her head and not a single person there used it against her.

  3. Clara

    I thought from the thumbnail that something was being censored from that black stick. Now that I see the photo in big I am not sure what is going on. *scratches head*

  4. Katy simply will not believe that square peg don’t go into round holes.

  5. sweetwater

    ah, yes, the black block of modesty. because clearly that’s an outfit designed to showcase her delicate features and subtle sartorial merits. especially the concentrated cluster of sparkly shit along her ass-crack. yea gods, woman. try to appear a little less desperate next time.

  6. *sad trombone*

    I’ll take Michelle Hunziker over this any day.

  7. Swearin

    Does she carry her own black censored bar?

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