1. Christie Brinkley blah blah blah blah. I just want to punch this smug fucker right in the mug.

  2. She’s so beautiful it’s actually cancelling out his smugness for me.

  3. Dude, she’s old enough to be your Mom! Oh, wait…

  4. No surgeon is that good. I say vampire. Anyone with me?

  5. “Goddammit, dude, this is my MOM”

  6. There’s omething wrong with that boy.

  7. AWOL

    “Good boy! You almost have ‘Blue Steel’ down, keep practicing.”

  8. That is the face of a kid who is tired of hearing from his friends “Dude…I want to bang your mom!”


    This is the face of a kid who is tired of hearing ‘ I know a real sweet girl I’d like you to meet” Cuz he looks like a real fan of dong.

  10. The Brown Streak

    Well, at least he has the glass in the right place.

  11. Know why he refuses to go down on her? Ever try to pull apart a grilled cheese sandwich?

  12. I feel like i’m in some strange alternate universe of the comments section where not a single one of you has had the indecency to point out the fact that the kid’s name is Jack Cock

  13. She looks great.

    He, however, looks like a Gaussian-blurred version of lance Bass.

  14. Pip

    That’s a nice painting of her son.

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