1. Yeah, that looks a lot like my birthday celebration.

  2. Mike1

    It’s like a Barbie, only less animated.

  3. Rick

    I could never consider any woman who’s had her hooch invaded by Hef’s wrinkly old dong as sexy anymore. Not that she’s ever been considered sexy. I swear I’ve never seen the appeal.

  4. Show us yer TITS!!!!


    It seems like Kendra celebrates her birthday twice a week for the last 5 yrs

  6. The Brown Streak

    Okay, who cut out the pee pee hole in the backdrop? And where’s Photo Boy gone to all of a sudden?

  7. She looks great.

  8. I’ve never been too crazy about Kendra, but she really does have a cute body. Wish her tits were real though.

  9. EricLR

    Careful honey, you go any tighter on that dress and you’re going to strangle the crabs.

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