1. They’re not laughing with you…they’re laughing…oh never mind.

  2. Mike1

    Cool, can you sign this for our moms?

  3. Somehow this photo reminds me of the Lance Armstrong taint tickling story.

  4. caley

    “I’m such a huge fan of yours! Wait…body hair? Are you not Justin Bieber?!”

  5. broduhjenner

    the sad thing is his is the prettiest face in this picture

  6. Four 2′s are as good as an 8.

  7. “Oh my God, you guys, this guy was famous and sank to obscurity before we were even born!”

  8. Pippa Middleton on the left.

  9. Rick

    Is that girl trying to *lick* him??

  10. So he’s hooked up with tanning mom’s daughters?

  11. jr

    Justin Bieber turned and cried after seeing this image in the fortune teller’s crystal ball

  12. For what it is worth, he was never the tool that Bieber is today. He is alright in my opinion.

  13. Vlad

    How to catch Hep C

  14. I doubt they know he’s Vanilla Ice.

  15. This is the least Douchey Bieber has ever looked.


    Beiber needs to enlarge this and hang it up wherever he goes.Your times coming lil’ cocksucker. Just ask any Jonas.

  17. The Brown Streak

    Still got more real fans than the Miami Heat.

  18. I understand that Vanilla Ice has a certain type, but I can’t quite put my chin on what it might be.

  19. Bieber’s biological father ? Did Vanilla Ice create that abomination ?

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