1. Why even try on this one…photo boy wins the caption here.

  2. Emma Watson's Vagina

    Since Photoboy doesn’t know which one it is. my guess if it is the one holding his hand over his mouth in the background. then she has a smart boyfriend. but if he was so smart WTF is doing with her.

  3. Hank E. Ring

    Tara tries so hard to be seen, even intruding on a Gavin Rossdale, Anthony Kiedis date.

  4. Do they make special water wings to put around the penis? You know, so she can feel it when he’s in her.

  5. 2 of 3 people in this photo are thinking how rancid Tara smells, the 3rd one is just trying to stop a nosebleed.

  6. dennis

    Apparently, Tara does not smell like apple pie.

  7. babychunks

    In every pic there’s an emo in the background saying it all with his nose.

  8. The botox keeps her smooth, the alcohol in her system keeps her preserved.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “So your name is Jack Daniel Smirnoff? Let’s go out.”

  10. At first I thought her boyfriend was the one holding his nose, but I quickly realized if a man got to the level of boyfriend with her he would be used to her smell at that point.

    The guy in the background is obviously her boyfriend’s friend who’s meeting Tara for the first time.

  11. “Tara, mon amour…HEY, wait a minute! I’m not French. Those other idiots were, but not ME!”

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