1. Dude, you’ve see her crazy side and you’re still gesturing at chicks to call you?
    Balls of steel, my friend…

  2. Enjoy the ride Oliver. It won’t be thumbs up, once Halle switches tracks to board the crazy train.

  3. dennis

    Is the baby mooning everyone through Halle’s belly?

  4. Ana

    Did I miss the post where she’s pregnant again?

  5. Olivier Martinez demonstrates how to deliver a right cross like a fancy gentleman.

  6. Swearin

    “Third trimester, you know what that means? It’s cheatin’ time! Call me, ladies”

  7. He looks like a giant douche, perfect for her.

  8. Pip Pip Cheery-O

    Looks like her water broke and splooshed all over the front of that dress…Gross.

  9. She has bad taste in men.

  10. Jim

    His hand gesture means “I’m going to fight you all” in Europe.


    “If you ever need inseminating, call me!”

  12. This is the douche that beat the piss out of her ex? From the looks of these two that must have been like a biker fight, not the motorcycle bike, but of the 10 speed variety

  13. “Great puzzy, beaucoup titz, geevs très bon bee-jayz, many, many dollairs…what more could a man ask for…???”

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