1. Gives new meaning to the term “the size of Gerard Depardieu.”

  2. Erik

    Danny DeVito meets James Gandolfini

  3. Frank Burns

    “Mon Dieu! Finally, a chair in which to rest a Twinkie while it comes to room temperature.”

  4. Oh man, he won the most coveted acting prize of all, the Lawnie.

  5. “Seriously, what the fuck is this? It looks like something a mouse would hang from to relieve its back pain.”

  6. Gerard was actually awarded a beautiful crystal and bronze trophy, but Vladimir Putin said “thanks for the gift”, and took it, leaving him only this tiny lawn chair.

  7. I don’t wanna hear your excuses! The chair needs to be at least….three times bigger than this!

  8. CK

    Is that life-size? it’s life-size, isn’t it? I bet that’s a life-size chair he’s holding.

  9. What am I supposed to do with this tiny chair?

  10. Skov

    One of many chairs Gerard is incapable of sitting in.


    Maybe he won the award for best hygiene. He sure looks like he smells like piss and bo but it is France after all.

  12. donkeylicks

    What is this? A chair for a normal sized person???

  13. The Brown Streak


  14. Mr. Depardeau does a hilarious new take on ‘Eastwooding’.

  15. “Zo, I build zis bettairr mouzetrap, and nobody haz beaten ze pazz to my door…”

  16. EricLR

    Thank you for giving me this “Fat Ass in a Lawn Chair” Lifetime Achievement Award.

  17. “OK…Really….Who thought this was funny? Everyone?”

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