1. You know, it just doesn’t get much classier than Donald Trump at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. *jealous*

  2. Erik

    The skin tone of his face matches her dress.

  3. Does he ever *not* look like a howler monkey?

  4. “Now if Michelle was as subservient as this one, think of what a better America this would be.”


    To say this man’s repulsive is a compliment.

  6. Brown sugar and Orange Julius.

  7. “Tell us Donald, what is the average IQ of any lady willing to pose with you?”

  8. The Brown Streak

    It’s okay, it’s not a Kardashian.

  9. “Hey, Donald! How many women would be willing to touch you if you weren’t rich?”

  10. “Hey, guys, this is working out just fine. She even let me reach around for a free feel. Later I’m going to ask her to “go all the way.”

  11. rican

    “Took me a few tries, but I finally got the hair color to match my face, and it looks A-OK!”

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