1. Icehawg

    Ho. Lee. Fuck. I thought that was Corey Feldman coping a feel on Sharon.

  2. CK

    Oh man, I really hope grabbing tit when having your pic taken is the new thing! I live and work in the biggest tourist city on the planet.


    If I saw most men grabbing a tit I would think”you devil you” but he has no idea who he or she are,where they are or why,or even what time of day or year this is. So I’m thinking at this point , he just saw a handle to hold on to to keep from falling and he went for it.

  4. Damn, he’s touching his wife’s boob. Hardcore.

  5. The Brown Streak

    You know you shouldn’t be comparing your wife’s breast size to your sons. Ha! I bet you thought I was going to say Kelly’s.

  6. I wouldn’t touch that.. latex allergy

  7. Ozzy…DUDE! She had them removed last year. They’re not there anymore. Have you been unconscious all this time?

  8. God666

    New Sabbath album 13 = Album of the Year!

  9. EricLR

    Looking at that hair, I guess he isn’t one to never say dye.

  10. Bite her head off!!!

  11. thought they were both dead … How can you tell?

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