1. I wonder what the red knee-pads are f… Oh right…

  2. alex

    Why does this kid always look like he’s the end result of a market research survey?

  3. I know for a fact he’s not leaving a Kanye West listening party because his ears aren’t bleeding.

  4. Jade

    Can he walk upright?

  5. Jenn

    He’s de-evolving.

  6. anonymous

    I’m going to start calling him “the White Chimp”.

    I’ve seen my dog begging for scraps at the table stand more upright than this clown.

  7. I keep seeing him in this pose, but it is only dawning on me now that he actually WALKS THIS WAY????

  8. Cock Dr

    Can’t wait for the face tattoos.

  9. You’d think that after all this time, he’d be used to the butt plug by now.

  10. He is always walking like a knuckle dragging Cro Mag bitch. Whatever. Fuck him.

  11. I always thought those two should totally hang out.

  12. Guy on left is producing epic sweat stains.

  13. popwilleatitself

    I dunno, maybe, take the sunglasses off?

  14. Swearin

    “C’mon y’all, we’re takin this 2 tha streetz, like Marty King”
    “…everyone just follow his cracker ass, he pays our salaries.”

  15. Charlesatlas

    Maybe its his imitation of Groucho Marx?


    There has to be three sixes somewhere on that little shit’s head. He’s the god dang devil! Kill it please!

  17. RedRhino60

    Do the Bartman!

  18. The Brown Streak

    Thumbs up if you want the dude in the back to whack him with whatever it is he is holding. I’ll assume that’s a baseball bat.

  19. Channeling Vanilla Ice?

  20. Such a fucking wannabe. He needs a good ass kicking.

  21. Bieber’s becoming a hunchback! “Hey, Quasimodo, the Cath├ędrale de Notre Dame de Paris is looking for a new bell ringer.”

  22. Robb7

    His homeboys told him, “Ya gotta get down!” Fuck-face takes it literally.

  23. I content myself with the sure knowledge that these black guys who are constantly egging him on to newer, dizzier heights are just laughing themselves sick when he’s not around.

    • I hadn’t really thought of it in exactly that way, but I sure as hell hope you’re right!
      “Jus’ lookee that dumb punk-ass cracker…he think he be cool as a jewel but instead he a fool…HAHAHAHAHA…”

  24. who buys his fucking music?

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