1. All right class, figure drawing is over for today. Miss Uma, thank you very much, you can stand up straight now. Here’s your $10. And…next time, please go with something a little less “prom gown.” Thanks.

  2. Erik

    Really puts the “killer” in lady killer.

  3. Excuse me, Ms. Thurman, could you, ahhh, helllp me find my contact lens? I’m sure I dropped it right here…

  4. Rick

    This is the best picture of her *ever*- you get to see her tits without being subjected to her face.


    Maybe if you can stay that way you might just win something regardless of being nominated or not.

  6. The Brown Streak

    The problem with keeping midgets under your dress is they always want to hump your leg at the worst possible time.

  7. “Damn, these big, natural titties kill my back!”

  8. That’s the best picture I’ve seen of her in a long time.

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