1. Wow! Just look at the vocal cords on this kid, would ya

  2. “Performing.”

  3. Hank E. Ring

    Please show us where Mr. Brown touched you.

  4. Minky Wail

    Somewhere, Marion Anderson’s ghost just committed suicide

  5. Snooki's Taint

    I like music with a political message.

  6. Here we go again with the “Armstronging.”

  7. Lou

    Is she doing the “Fart Blast” remix of one of her songs?

  8. I can’t decide if I want to go with a “Barbados” joke or an Ace Ventura joke here.
    But I can hear Ton Loc’s voice telling me his boss is coming so I’ll go with that.

  9. I bet some people in the crowd were just coming to the realization that the “Live in London Rihanna Presenting” printed on their tickets, may not have been a typo.

  10. dennis

    I see she’s still considering that Scratch-N-Sniff album cover.

  11. Is it Crop Over already? Gosh, where does the time go.

  12. “Can’t you see that motherf#@%!#r’s footprint?!?”

  13. Rick

    Maybe if I show my ass people will forget that I’m a shit, no-talent performer! Nahhh…

  14. richie

    …and this is our new long-snapper from Barbados.

  15. CK

    Huh, I’ve never seen a hand _come out_ of there.

  16. The Brown Streak

    Holy shit, she just gave birth to Mae Young’s hand!…and ARM!

  17. It’s all she has to offer.

  18. This pose is pretty much wasted since she’s wearing clothes.

  19. rospo

    Nothing new, her instagram is a constant ”performance”.

  20. AJ

    Nothing beats a beautiful woman with a great singing voice… Except Chris Brown.

  21. Andie

    Why is this girl always showing us her ass?

  22. Wayne

    I just wish she would go ahead and do porn or at least release a sex tape. You know she has to be wild in bed and it would be great to see her in action getting her holes filled and doing all sorts of jobs.

  23. “HOW many people are left in line? Only 50? No problem…”

  24. It won’t be much longer and she’ll be too old to “perform” and she will be replaced by the next disgusting manufactured, talentless pop star. Hey, where’s Lady Gaga? She’s kinda disappeared, eh?

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