1. Ladies, please. You’ll wrinkle the jacket.

  2. Amanda

    Poor brave Joe exposing himself to “those icky girl germs” in order to perform. The show must go on.

  3. Cock Dr

    Ms DC ain’t fooled.

  4. George P Burdell

    Miss DC: You must spank her well, and after you are done with her, you may deal with her as you like… and then… spank me.
    All: And me. And me too. And me.
    Miss DC: Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking.

    Miss DC: And after the spanking, the oral sex.

  5. Miss New Jersey needs to shave.

  6. They picked the wrong guy to ply with their feminine wiles.


    The pageant people promised they would fire Mario Lopez and give Joe the Mr Universe pageant if he hosted Miss USA. Joe looks like he couldn’t get to a shower quick enough but being touched by disgusting females is worth all that tan, well oiled beef.

  8. Looks like someone spiked the punch backstage with a bottle of Noassitol™.

  9. The Brown Streak

    That’s the look of a man who has never seen a fully grown breast before.

  10. Women do love gay men.

  11. “Psst, ladies…if you’re not sure how to answer your question, just talk about creating education better. Works like a charm.”

  12. They are begging him NOT to sing.

  13. bigalkie

    Like the Eunich in The History of the World.. Zero Interest

  14. The quiet dignity of a gay man.

  15. He’s holding his breath so he won’t catch cooties.

  16. Grafikman

    “Is that cashmere?” “Of course it’s cashmere.”

  17. That bitch in the middle is going to need a ton of prep work.

  18. I count five beards in this picture.

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