1. I thought Olivia Wilde got implants for a sec.

  2. As Emeril would say, “BAM!”

  3. BorrisMorris

    Damn. Just when I’d collected all the bobbleheads, then go and put out another batch.

  4. bawlsderp

    I’d bobble the crap of her head…..

  5. Skeeter

    Those gorgeous tits need my seed on them.

    • donkeylicks

      Skeet on your face, Skeet on your face
      Skeet-skeet-skeet-skeet-skeet on your face
      You like what I got, but baby don’t test me
      Put a towel down cuz I swear it gets messy
      And Imma tell you what I’m about to do
      Imma skeet, skeet, skeet all over you
      And Imma sit back and watch you rub it in
      Read Cosmo girl it’s good for your skin
      My next move baby, beyond belief
      Put it on your toothbrush, now brush them teeth

  6. She’s like a hot T-rex than can cook.

  7. She’s like a Bratz doll that didn’t party in college and kicked ass at life afterwards.

  8. I wanna see the photo that caught the side view.

  9. Her legs are a different colour..


    She appears to have an enormous head but it’s really the fact that she weighs 85 pounds just makes her look that way. She seriously needs a descent meal and actually keep the food down for once.

  11. Big, juicy, succulent boobies and the head to match.

  12. I think it’s about time she flashed some…I mean a BUNCH…of skin so we can see what she’s workin’ with.

  13. Jack Ketch

    Lord liftin’ … real tits for a pleasant change.

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