1. Prometheus 2: Wooly Willy Weyland

  2. Does the middle one look like a gay, young, Sean Connery?

  3. One on right looks like a younger Hugh Grant

  4. Mara is hot in that Ellen Page crypto lesbian sort of way.

  5. Swearin

    Uh oh, Det. Poirot is real and he’s gone hipster

  6. Manny, Moe & Jack.


    Little do Rooney and David know they are actually in the presence of the ghost of young JFK.

  8. “If he grabs my ass again,” Rooney thought to herself, “I’m going to bring him back to my room, Tase him, ram a dildo up his ass, and tattoo ‘I am a rapist pig’ on his torso. Or lock him in a room with Casey. One of those.”

  9. You can feel the pretentiousness flowing off Rooney Mara through the picture. Lowery looks like a bald Freddie Mercury.

  10. Years later everyone would look back on certain key moments and wonder why none of them noticed that Tom Selleck’s mustache hadn’t been affected by the chemotherapy.

  11. When did Mr. Potato Head come to life?

  12. EricLR

    For the hundredth time, *of course* I invited Bjork, Freddie Mercury, and that guy from Parks and Recreation to the festival!

  13. Casey Affleck looks like the only normal one in this picture, and the only one I’d like to talk to.

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