1. This… This is what makes up for all the Lady Gaga, Kim K, and Farrah Abraham posts..

    • Mike

      Damn skippy. And I thought it was Aly Michalka at first. Doesn’t matter, the two of them are hot on different spectrums.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    How did her boobs get down there?

  3. FUCK-A-DOODLE-DO! This woman is a national fucking treasure and she’s not even from this nation.

  4. Wow, Sophia has a great ass, too. I wonder why I never noticed it before?

  5. mark

    yup. once again, here’s a lovely woman with an insanely perfect ass! thank shit it’s not massive (like stink kardashian or stinky minaj or – god almighty! – I recently watched a youtube vid called, “bubble butt” with some pig named, “sultry simone”! ever seen that?! holy shit will it ever make you vomit!!! she’s deformed and disgusting!

    now sofia here, man…i’d sniff that beautiful, tight, little bum so hard I’d get poop in my brain!

  6. The Brown Streak

    I think I just peed in her pool. By pee I meant…well…you know…and by pool, I mean…yeah, you get the idea too.

  7. Sweet Mother of God. That ass.

  8. Punkin

    Even Ray Charles could see that her ass is perfect.

  9. She is perfection. I want to dive face first in there.

  10. I’ve gotta start watching Modern Family for real.

  11. I like how even Jesus is peeking through the clouds going, “Yaaaa… dat ASS!”

  12. Can you imagine kissing that butt every morning before going to work, then again at night when hitting the rack?

  13. Bane

    I would so bury my face in that.


  14. kk

    id suck the shit out of that with a straw.

  15. diegoga

    twitter was invented for this to happend!

  16. skunk

    holy ass

  17. cc

    She auctioned that thong online afterward and used the proceeds to buy a tropical island.

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