1. “Hey you there! Why do you keep yelling ‘Iggy Pop’?”

  2. Things Dee Snyder cannot stop: Rock and Roll, aging.

  3. Shirt back the fuck on, Ann Coulter.

  4. (Download Festival audience)

    ♪♪ We’re not gonna take it…♪♪

  5. Must be cold. Did I just write that?

  6. See? Give Hillary a couple of jello shots, and it’s a whole new ball game.

  7. I will give Dee a pass until the day he drops dead. There is a reason my Twitter line just says ‘Í am. I’m me’. This man was a life raft in the sea of shit that was childhood.

    He’s also almost 60 years old.

  8. Suck It Trebek

    Liked him better in Rocky Horror.

  9. I see he’s been doing “Iggy Pop’s 15 minute abs” workout.

    But seriously, Twisted Sister was a much better band than they were ever given credit for. “We’re not gonna take it” was a steaming piece of made for radio shit, it’s literally one of their worst songs ever.

  10. “We’re not gonna make it…”

  11. I like this guy.

  12. IGGY P.


  13. ♪♪ “If I could turn back time…♪♪

  14. tlmck

    His stomach needs ironing.

  15. Elf

    Is it just me, or are Donna Versace’s looks improving?

  16. schadenfreude

    Moments after they changed the band’s name to “Twisted Grandma.”

  17. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like shit.

  18. Kenneth

    Dee: “Do Iggy Pop’s man-nipples look this hot? I didn’t think so!”

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