1. Everything in this picture is ugly.

  2. Mimi

    My ex-girlfriend has that same top. Rodman wore it better.

  3. I hope that pool is filled with hand sanitizer.

  4. CK


  5. “Could you play “It’s Raining Men” please?”

  6. Joe Blow

    Tan mom got a new job?

  7. “If I paint my headphones gold and give them a necklace, maybe Apple will buy them for a billion dollars”

  8. God damn he is just creepy and gross. I don’t know how Rodman can stand touching him.

  9. “Come on, girl. Just loan me that bikini top.”

  10. “I use to be somebody! Can I feel your fake tits?

  11. Swearin

    “Oh my god, Kim Jong Un LOVES this song!”

  12. :Well…OK then. If you won’t suck my dick, will you suck my cigar?”

  13. JO JO

    big ang lost some weight

  14. Kenneth

    Carmen Electra has really been kicking herself that Dennis Rodman got away.

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