1. There’s never an evil eye of Sauron atop the distant tower in the background when you need one.

  2. If they need more light, they can just burn her ass at the stake. Seriously, you’d be able to see that thing from space.

  3. John Q.

    1 enormous ego
    100,000 people not caring

  4. I’m surprised nobody threw a drink at her head. I’m disappointed in you, concert audience.

  5. buzz

    So whose concert is she interrupting to pretend those people are there for her? It’s not Kanye– last I heard he can’t even fill the seats to his small venues.

  6. This should seal it; here’s your next “Mother of the Year.”

  7. RayJ

    That’s right niggas…
    I pee’d on that…BOOYAAA…

  8. Absolutely mind bending what this wobbly little girl has become from bartering her tits in front of the world. Absolutely mind bending.

  9. That shirt wasn’t see-through before she passed by the urinals area.

  10. When the IMAX movie screen was hopelessly damaged, who jumped into save the day? Kim Khardashian wearing a pair of white pants!

  11. I guarantee you the stench from all those people combined still couldn’t match the one from her ass.

  12. And now a quick pic of Kim Kardashian and everyone who has pissed in her mouth during sex.

  13. jester

    I gotta pee.

  14. “OK, now everybody back into her ass!”

  15. MoreMariaNow!!

    All those ppl and not one person with a gun willing to help society?!?!

  16. Her nose is slowly, slowly going the way of the Jacko.

  17. I think this is Texas or India. They love their cows.

  18. Kim, you’re more fucked up that a schizophrenic in a fun house, but by gawd you still have a righteous pair of tits!

  19. Not pictured: any parental responsibility whatsoever.

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