1. Scratching them crabs.

  2. no standards

    Biggest Moose Knuckle Ive ever seen in my life!

  3. Ladies, if you’re going to scratch yourselves, don’t wear a see through skirt.

  4. Most people wait to masturbate in private, but I guess when the client is paying, he calls the tune.

  5. yourmom

    So that’s how she gets out with the jewelry…. the old vagina suitcase trick. Just like Mary Poppin’s handbag…

  6. Where will you be when your herpes flares up?

  7. Flatliner

    Must be one of those new tampons that you can change on the fly.

  8. Someone forgot to use their safety line. That’s a long climb back out.

  9. Its that look she gives while she finger bangs herself that gets her close to the Bai Ling crazy level.

  10. JimBB

    Every time she scratches, it’s a crab holocaust.

  11. She’s such an angry drunk that even her vagina’s throwing punches.

  12. You see, when you’re in a constant state of drug and alcohol induced euphoria, your sense of shame and appropriate social boundaries recedes into the shadows. Oh and Lohan’s probably pretty fucked up, too.

  13. Pablo

    It all makes sense now. She’s been harboring Quato under her shirt this whole time. “Open your mind,..Open yooouuuurr mmmmiiiiinnnnddd….OOOOOOOOppppppppeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn yyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnddddddd”

  14. “Why do you think they call me firecrotch, you didn’t think it was because I had red hair now, did you?”

  15. It’s nice to see even professionals will make a basic amateur mistake every once in a while. Take Miss Lohan here for example – she was in such a tizzy that’s it’s obvious she forgot and left the fist in.

  16. jester


  17. So, a menswear company pays PR fees to a woman who doesn’t use underwear? Motto for this campaign: “Everyone In Commando!”

  18. Looks like the miscarriage left a hand behind.

  19. “Hey man, that’s Lindsay Lohan…Are you going to try and tap that?”
    “Man, I’m tappin’ that right now!”

  20. gross

    Looks like someone’s having another miscarriage…

  21. C’mon, Lindsay. Tits or get the fuck out.

  22. I did not invite her to my party. Who let that skank in?

  23. It’s what all the sober people are doing nowadays.

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