1. He forgot to tell her that flyovers scare the shit out of the palace pigeons.

  2. Pictured here are two techniques for being in a bukkake video, each with their own pros and cons.

  3. Smell that? It’s my royal ass.

  4. JimBB

    “I say! I do believe Gwyneth Paltrow’s ego has grown considerably in recent years, wouldn’t you say?”

    “I would indeed, my love.”

    “Shall we go inside and smell our own fragrant farts now?”


  5. It was the Queen’s birthday, and no one was about to tell her that dwarf tossing was incredibly un-PC these days. They kept their silence, and instead marveled at the elderly monarch’s strong throwing arm.

  6. The royal Passing of The Shart.

  7. Oooops

    Reminds me of the WKRP FREE Turkey contest:
    “As god as my witness, I thought Turkey’s could fly…”

  8. Venkman

    “Now this first SLIDE…shows a very, very interesting thing: our main building. On slide… TWO! We see other view… of… IT! Oh, my God, you wouldn’t believe it!”

  9. “Kate, What do you think about when you masturbate?”
    “I think about being taken by those sweaty muscular New Zealand savages”
    “Me too.”

  10. He’s thinking, “Someday, all this will be mine!”
    She’s thinking, “Someday, all this will be mine!”

  11. I thought they already picked the next Doctor.

  12. “William, I DO wish you’d stop wearing that clown suit.”

  13. schadenfreude

    “I say, William. Who is this Underdog chap, and why was your gran saying he looks like a frog?”

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