1. Flatliner

    Just the latest in Kris’ kunt brigade.

  2. “Does my sister make me look fat?”

  3. Nope. You’re not going to trick me into liking these baby succubi. This is one time I won’t listen to my penis.


  5. The under-aged one is fucking with her face. She doesn’t look like herself anymore.

  6. Video Awards? No, no, no… surely they were there to pick up their Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. I mean, what greater fiction could there be than these two writing a book? Bravo, ladies.

  7. Mimi

    That’s about right. Both dresses accentuate the vagina.

  8. buzz

    One is wearing slits- the other has it shaded on her dress but both are drawing attention to their vaginas. I guess it’s time to earn a little money to pay Kris’ bills.

  9. “Hey Doug, ya hoser, da two young hooers from da States are here, eh.”

  10. Cock Dr

    Because panties are for poor people, and they interfere with the photos.

  11. The one on the left, “I’m 18 and doing a good job passing off as a model. Wanna see my vagina?”
    The one on the right, “I’m going to be fat, aren’t I?”

  12. George P Burdell

    At least one still has enough soul to look scared.

  13. anonymous

    I remember when Kylie looked more like a mini-Khloe a couple years back. Her plastic surgeon has some talent.

  14. I would have a lot of fun with these two in a hotel room with a bag of cocaine and a machete.

  15. Mr. Poop

    I hate these whores.

  16. Pride and Sloth Jenner.

  17. “Mothra O Mothra
    If we were to call for help
    Over time
    Over sea
    Like a wave you’d come
    Our guardian angel
    Mothra O Mothra
    Of forgotten kindness
    And ruined spirits
    We pray for the people’s
    Spirit as we sing
    This song of love.”

  18. RayJ

    So much pee,
    so little time…

  19. Joe Blow

    Strong in this one, the future whore is. Yes, hmmm.

  20. Yeah, they are going to have epic sextapes. I get the feeling paying people only really want Kendall but the Satan aka Kris Jenner forces them to hire Kylie too so she does not feel left out.

  21. The things that immediately come to mind with these two are….underage, sex, Egyptian, illegal, trolling for cock, focusing the attention on their bodies, but specifically their vaginas, immature, trying to keep the family in the spotlight, and oh yeah…Kris the mom has a huge fucking blubbery and cottage cheesy, fat ass. Yes, the kids will inherit that.

  22. Just be patient people. These things happen in order: bare boob pics, vag flash, anal squirting sex tape.

    She’s way ahead of schedule, you guys are just impatient. Damn internet is ruining our attention span. Dammit Obama!!

  23. brian

    Kendall looks so delicious

  24. Winston

    Butt I don’t to have to wait for their interracial anal golden shower porno. Kim has spoiled us.

  25. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

    Not seen…
    The giant black microphone Kylie is holding in her other hand.

  26. Kelly

    The latest strumpet from the knocking shop of Kardashian.

  27. toitot

    The first one looks just like Kim on a GOOD day!….and the 2nd looks so fucking Armenian/Middle Eastern…how the fuck did she get Robert Kardashians Middle Eastern genes?!

  28. toitot

    ….The first one is what Kim payed shit loads of money to plastic surgeons to look like! This one was BORN this way! ….You KNOW big sis/sisters are SO jelly!!!

  29. I know I’m not supposed to feel sorry for these girls, but I sort of do. Yes, I know, born rich and pretty, but were they ever given a chance to think of a life besides being a D-list celebrity and a lifelong punchline (not to mention an object for dirty old men, see every post above mine).

    Are these two young women bright? Are they capable of becoming a physician, a lawyer, an engineer, a teacher? We’ll never know and they’ll never be given the chance to find out.

    • Oh Veronika. Don’t ever change.


    • Shut up, Ronnie. Just. Shut. Up.

    • Have you seen a single episode of the Kardashian reality train wreck or ever once seen one of these girls try to open their mouths to produce actual words? I agree with you in the idea that they probably never had a real chance to be normal given their family, but come on! To suggest that one of them ever had a chance at being a doctor (let alone graduating college without sucking off multiple professors) is a complete joke. They probably can’t even spell “doctor”.

      • “To suggest that one of them ever had a chance at being a doctor (let alone graduating college without sucking off multiple professors) is a complete joke. They probably can’t even spell “doctor”.

        I didn’t realize education was genetic.

  30. Sim sim

    I never really thought there was old trash and young trash, til now

  31. So, they’re not Canadian, have never been in a music video, and have never actually made a record. A perfect choice for a Canadian video music awards show. I hope they met P. K. Subban. He, at least is a world class hockey player. So, some kind of Canadian angle there.

    • Beer for thought

      Amen! This is one of those rare moments when I am ashamed to be Canadian…hosts? they don’t deserve to host a backyard BBQ in Kenora… WTF were they thinking, the one can’t even read. How many washed up Canadian artists could have called to host that shit, honestly.

  32. so they are half sisters of a girl who got famous because she leaked a sex tape several years ago with a b-list musician…that is literally why we are looking at these fucking whores

  33. Renzomatic

    When you sell them on the street, you’re a pimp. When you sell them on the red carpet, you’re a manager.

  34. Swearin

    I like how the teenage girls on the left side of frame totally look like they’re judging them while staring squarely at their asses

  35. I’ve never seen a high dress slit that was so utterly unflattering before… I thought the point of showing skin was to attract people not repulse them.

  36. cc

    This is your revenge for Justin Bieber is it?

  37. anonym

    People are weird.
    There are 1000′s of girls more attractive, but people are obsessed with these bitches

  38. Insert Clever Username Here

    Wow, look at their lifeless eyes, I guess you really can sell your soul to the devil…I mean Kris Jenner.

  39. Beer for thought

    Every nostalgic memory of watching much music growing up has now been shit on. Thanks a lot assholes.

  40. I think they look great. It’s just terribly unfortunate that they’re Kardashians. It cancels out their beauty.

  41. Yup yup

    Id love to tongue that asshole.

  42. Really...?

    How often have we seen these photos on the faces of children in compounds / sects ?

  43. bob

    i want to know how it looks under the cat flap, are there any side view photo’s out there?

  44. Do you think Kylie looks down the gun barrel of her future as “Khloe 2.0″ and cuts herself? Or I should say, as one of Kris Jenner’s kids, cuts herself more?

  45. Kenneth

    Bruce Jenner: “Do not let those girls bring Ray-J to the house…”
    Ray-J: “Good to see you again, Mister Bruce”
    Kylie: “But daddy, Kim said urine was great for her career!”

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