1. Bill went on again!?!?!

  2. Your next president.

  3. John Q.

    Americas worst nightmare.

  4. Cindi

    Anyone have some Thorazine?

  5. My god have you seen my ankles? They’re f-ckin’ HUGE!!!

  6. Anyone still wonder why Bill ran around?

  7. anonym

    meme fodder

  8. Suck It Trebek

    Monica was a step up.


  10. “I AM the danger!… I am the one who knocks!”

  11. All your votes are belong to me.

  12. waynemoores

    Since it appears the Tea Party has totally taken over the GOP, their candidate will be wearing bedsheets and burning crosses which will allow the Hilary monstrosity a fair chance to win. Time for the world to blow up. Sigh.

  13. Mooby

    Nick the Dick claims another victim…

  14. “Monica sucked his WHAT…???”

  15. “I really don’t mind if Bill goes out for an occasional head job. Hell, I’M not gonna do it!”

  16. “Please buy my book …. I’m broke !”

  17. Kenneth

    Hillary: “I’ll sign this one: ‘Dear Ambassador Chris Stevens…I’m sorry you got sodomized-to-death because I didn’t do my job… did I spell it right?”

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