1. Hugh Gentry

    she’s quite the upgrade!

  2. Deacon Jones

    “…it puts the lotion on my cock”

  3. I wonder what that pre-nup contained. Sex at least 4 times a week, a BJ 2 times a week, and you cannot gain more than 5 pounds. Otherwise, you do not get the $5 million in the divorce…

  4. Ponkur

    “Kayte……. this isn’t working out”

  5. GuyLeDouche

    Laugh now, Frasier-boy, but Lilith is pulling it off and beating you with the wet end when you get home.

  6. …she knows what to do with those tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

  7. Jack

    “It’s called anal, my dear. You will come to enjoy it.”

  8. AleisterCrowley

    He’s telling her all about what the 1st Annual Tony Awards was like.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    I’m sure she just loves his personality and spontaneity.

  10. tlmck

    The second oldest profession in the world. Marriage for money.

  11. bethy

    “No seriously….back up.”

  12. The color of her knuckles matches the color of his forehead.

  13. “God damn, I just want to eat your face so bad right now…”

  14. Sin

    Oh, yeah!! I am going to tear this up tonight! But it can only be for 5 minutes, if you’re lucky, and before 9 PM. I fall asleep at that time.

  15. whiskeyafternoon

    damn she is pretty. too bad the same light that shines on that face highlights the man-hands and lack of boobs.

  16. Carson

    That’s right, smile my dear. Keep it up and you’ll get an extra hour of TV before cage time!

  17. Jesus, pretty soon he’ll be dating a fetus.

  18. cc

    I’d smile that too if I was contemplating the nearly non-existent thong she’s probably wearing.

  19. The rings say it all.

  20. Melster

    She looks kinda happy for somebody who has to wipe his ass or flip him over while he naps so he doesn’t get bedsores.

  21. Dr Ha-Ha

    He’s recalling what it felt like to do lines off her nipples last night.
    She’s recalling what it felt like to use what was left over of the 20k lump sum he gave her for the purchasing of what made up those lines.

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