1. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    Hey Thly, your hand thure does look delicious.

  2. Opsidolala

    The guy with the tattoo on his face greets the guy who needs to get a tattoo on his face.

  3. rough

    Dont fall that, “The expendable 3″ speech Mike…

  4. Ponkur

    Such soft hands

  5. hbw

    “Go ahead Mike, open your hands! It looks like *snicker*, a vagina!”

  6. “Sweet, he gave me my ear back.”

  7. Does Stallone not remember that he was never a boxer?

    • Dave Mustaine

      I’m sure he does, but you have to respect what Rocky has done for the sport of boxing at the time. Plus Stallone is a God!

    • cc

      If he doesn’t, he should rewatch the first Rambo movie and then watch a real boxing match.

  8. Jack

    “Yo, get uh picture of black Ghandi blessin’ me!”

  9. AleisterCrowley

    Sageant at Arms and President of the “I Have An IQ Of 50 Or Less” club.

  10. “Ath a token of our fwenthip, I want you to have thith pigeon”.

  11. bethy

    Dearly beloved….we are gathered here today…

  12. UnholyKrep

    An actor that can’t box, a boxer that can’t act- what a great freakin’ country we live in.

  13. Did Stallone bring his T. Cruise elevator shoes with him?

  14. I’ll take “two people that would do great voice-overs for Looney Tunes” for 500, Alex.

  15. whiskeyafternoon

    cockboxing counts? who knew? he is quite the legendary masturbator.

  16. Until now, I was unaware that you could say “Please don’t bit me, Please don’t bit me” with just a look.

  17. GuyLeDouche

    Worst Laurel and Hardy impression ever.

  18. and so the match between Ivan Drago and Mike Tyson was sealed with a handshake.

  19. cc

    Anyone ever see the Danny Williams vs Mike Tyson fight? Jeebus, how the hell anyone can throw and withstand punches like that and survive…

  20. bbiowa

    Both of them think they’re in Hangover 3.

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