1. hbw

    “It STINKS”

  2. Leave me alone! I’m talking on the phone with …uh…my wife…Morgan Fairchild…yeah, that’s the ticket.

  3. AleisterCrowley

    Thank God he can afford the water.

  4. justuhbill

    Clearly, that’s not the ticket.

  5. Sadly, he just noticed that he has been de-friended by Lorne Michaels

  6. j/k

    “Why the hell are you taking a picture of John Lovitz?”
    -John Lovitz

  7. Dave Mustaine

    Would any of you readers put your lips on his and then slip your tongue in his mouth?

  8. Friday

    What are you lookin’ at? My gut? I’m WORKING ON IT!

  9. cc

    If you look closely, he’s trying to use a calculator to figure out the tip.

  10. Steelerchick


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