1. it had to be said


  2. Alison

    She really needs to tap into her potential Dr. Beverly Crusher-type hotness.

  3. Wow, Jessica Chastain just does not photograph wel—whoops, I take it all back.

  4. The Brown Streak

    All i can see is ars and bras

  5. cc

    That’s might white of her.

  6. Buddy The Elf

    nope – there must not be a sun in NY after all.

  7. kimmykimkim

    Jessica, sweetie! Why is it that you look so beautiful on screen but look like a corpse in pictures? Something needs to be done about this! She’s too pretty for this bullshit! And I wanna cup those titties!

  8. “Jessica, over here…just one question…what good is a see-thru dress if bobbles are going to be blocking your fucking nipples?”

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Hulk Hogan’s daughter has been given her beauty tips.

  10. journalschism

    Hey, she looks just like Bryce Dallas– *Imagine Entertainment thugs burst into home, waterboard me, force me to watch Ransom.*

  11. FattyMcGee

    Jessica Chastain? More like, “Jessica Chest-Stain”! Am I right, fellas?! *Puts hand up for high-five* Fellas? Guys? C’mon, don’t leave me hangin’.

  12. In the time is took to shoot this photo, Jessica made three more movies.

  13. Oddly enough, this IS a jude photo of Jessica Chastain.

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