1. Wasn’t there a “Friends” episode that dealt with this?

  2. Lemmiwinks

    Hugh: “Oscar, what do you tell a man who waves his penis in your face?”
    Oscar: “Thank-you.”

  3. Throjo

    Is the kid’s mother Bob Dylan?

  4. I'mCool

    vericose veins and Vans: two great looks that go great together

  5. Cock Dr

    Yes yes…..he’s wholesome family man.
    Perfectly straight. Yup, message received…..yet not believed.

  6. The Brown Streak

    “NEXT? Oh, Hi Mr. Skarsgard.”

  7. cc

    Van Helsing? Not in front of my friends okay?

  8. Buddy The Elf

    So is there no sun in the sky in NY anymore?

  9. “OK, now open your eyes and take a quick look up the leg of his shorts…”

  10. contusion

    I guess the time it took to load the sperm into the turkey baster didn’t kill all the swimmers afterall.

  11. Fock dad, I told you a thousand toyms – moind the focking claws!!

  12. Jeez Hugh, I’d have those calf veins checked…

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