1. Minky Wail

    Because when it come to accepting yourself as you are, nobody says it like a blonde haired , blue eyed, white skinned black woman.

  2. Thought it was Fergie in the thumbnail. Same difference I guess.

  3. it had to be said

    That kick has to be hell on her nutsack.

  4. Is Timon on the drums?

  5. When did she turn into the black Snooki?

  6. neo_v

    “lil” Kim?

  7. It’s ironic that this was taken at an LGBT Pride event, because this is the kind of picture those “Pray Away the Gay” camps use to scare lesbians straight.

  8. Bilvis

    lil noise from her thighs when she walks

  9. MarkM

    I can’t see any parts of her that are little.

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    How queer

  11. Lita

    She actually used to be pretty until she started with the plastic surgery.

  12. Cock Dr

    This is what Janet Jackson would look like if she didn’t come down with a case of anorexia every other year.

  13. The Brown Streak

    They forgot to tell the new stagehand not to a eat a big mac during the concert.

  14. cc

    Geez, the seam between her leg and her hips makes me think she was made by Mattel.

  15. skidmark

    not to be outdone by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim decides to raise the bar–er, leg.

  16. Bonky

    I don’t know what it is, but I want to rub her with butter, sprinkle on some Bell’s Seasoning and cook her for 3 to 4 hours at 350 degrees. Ok, now that I said that, I am REALLY starting to get an erection.

  17. Buddy The Elf

    I’m pretty sure “LIL” either means something else than we were taught or her english aint be so good.

  18. O'chunt

    Nice ass shot.

  19. tlmck

    I think the time to drop the ‘Lil’ has long passed.

  20. Bigalkie

    She should do her show from behind a fence like the neighbor on Home Improvement

  21. kimmykimkim

    Don’t. Even…

  22. Whoever gave her the moniker Lil Kim was certainly not talking about her thighs!

  23. dontlooknow

    L’il Kim thinks she’s a L’il White Girl…..

  24. Name (Visible)

    She looks hammy.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Oh yeah! Don’t forget to order in advance for those honey glazed hams around Thanksgiving. Was that a PSA?

  25. Blech

    But… we didn’t even pay the $50 for admission, much less $75 so our wives can watch.


  26. dooood

    i know what you guys are saying about her proportional thickness but she is actually less than 5 feet tall

  27. Deacon Jones

    This is like the time when Sid Vicious flew off the top turnbuckle and cracked his shin bone in half.

  28. YoMamma

    Where’s Tony to appreciate all this meat and call everyone else pedos?

  29. hijkmno

    That’s MISTER Evil Doctor Pork Chop to you.

  30. I still wonder how Biggie hit that…..Imagine 500 lbs of chewed black licorice on top of that.

  31. somerandomchic

    ..And I thought Anna Nicole Smith had died, but she looks pretty decent here.

  32. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?

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